The Eczema Association of Australasia Inc has invited APAN to establish a Referral Registration program of its members and friends so that they can direct eczema sufferers and their families to access your services. While they have alliances with dermatologists and other health practitioners, we are delighted that they have approved for APAN to provide them with a list of skin or dermal therapists to promote to their members.

If you would like to be include on this register for on-going referrals please complete the form below.

There is a small, once-only fee of $25 to cover admin costs, but this Referral list will be included on both the APAN website as well as the EAA website so members of the community and their families can access you for your services. As one-in-three individuals in Australia suffer from eczema this could be a great opportunity to also extend your service to them.