DEBITSUCCESS – Efficient Management of your cash flow

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Want to put treatment packages together for your clients with affordable progressive payments that can be managed? APAN has negotiated a special arrangement with DebitSuccess who are specialists in collecting payments from your clients through a highly efficient billing solution service. This will allow you to grow your business, while payments can be efficiently and professionally managed by credible experts.

What this means is that clients that cannot afford to pay their packages within a short time can now be assisted to achieve their progressive payments through more appropriate timing and methods that can best suit them.

This is an amazing service that has been enthusiastically received by APAN salons that have been able to substantially grow their businesses. To learn how DebitSuccess can assist your business please contact, Tim Hutchison direct from DebitSuccess on 0408774167 and let him know you are an APAN MEMBER. You can also check for further details on www.debitsuccess