Supportive of industry concerns and unrest APAN has taken the baton to establish a new industry classification that will offer Cosmetic Tattooists strong recognition and provide an effective path for a more secure future.

Launching a new membership classification – COSMETIC TATTOO APAN REGISTERED PRACTITIONER (CTARP) is set to revolutionise the recognition and integrity of this profession and pave the way to a profession that is identified by best practice and in line with Australian Standards.

The decision to launch CTARP as a registered membership classification was industry-driven and came after several qualified and experienced cosmetic tattooist were concerned with the deteriorating training standards that are currently delivered across most States, in particular with training offered to non-cosmetic tattooists to just do eyebrows.

As the industry is evolving with new technologies and advances are being introduced, the need for higher standards are across every modality and this means a stronger commitment to formal education that is objective, can be measured and benchmarked against Australian Standards.

True to its core values of Innovation, Guidance and Integrity and its commitment to the industry, APAN is recognised as the aesthetic industry’s Guardian.  As an industry body it is establishing new innovative structures that will facilitate better collaboration with government bodies and assist in recommending regulatory changes that will best serve the industry, will not disadvantage qualified practitioners and businesses, while paving the way for a more secure and better future.

It is important to understand that CTARP is not a random structure.  It has been designed to reflect the APAN core values and to fit within a comprehensive infrastructure that will redefine and provide a stronger foundation for the emerging new breed of skin and age management expert – whether they are qualified dermal clinicians, cosmetic nurses, aesthetic practitioners, or cosmetic tattoo practitioners.

This infrastructure will include a SALON AND CLINIC ACCREDITATION PROGRAM as well as a separate  PRACTITIONER ACCREDITATION PROGRAM for individual practitioners.  The new Accreditation Programs will be established on a foundation of integrity and will be aligned and meet with Australian Standards Guidelines. On this foundation the aesthetics industry will re-emerge with a stronger identity and with clearly defined standards that will offer quality assurance to consumers and reflect best practice.  

This is a very exciting initiative and while aspects of this program will be progressively introduced this year, it will be formally launched in 2016.

This new classification will give practitioners a formal identity as defined by the standards set out by an independent peak industry body that contribute to uniform industry standards.  It will give practitioners the opportunity to  be recognised for their commitment to excellence in their profession and profile them as such to the public.

Members will be encouraged to assist their colleagues and openly share their knowledge and skills with other practitioners in the field of Cosmetic Tattooing for the on-going improvement of the standards of practice.
 The standards of this program will also be aligned with APAN’s corporate vision which is to break new ground and open communication and educational pathways that elevate the integrity and advancement of the profession as credible and valuable for the wellbeing of its consumers.

This elite group of members are differentiated in their identity with peer organisations as the most qualified practitioners who adhere to the highest industry standards and best practice.  They are promoted to consumers as leaders in their field and preferred practitioners.

To join CTARP the following prerequisite will be required:
*  Must be a current financial member of APAN
*  Government-Approved qualification in Cosmetic Tattooing

Applicants applying to become a Cosmetic Tattoo APAN Registered Practitioner (CTARP) must provide evidence of their Government-Approved qualification in Cosmetic Tattooing.

Membership requirements:
* Adhere to the APAN CODE OF ETHICS (Cosmetic Tattooing) and the relevant Australian Regulations as set out by their State jurisdiction. A signed copy of this must be returned to the APAN Office. (Please note: If members also hold an American association affiliation they must understand that if there is any conflict in their Code of Ethics the Australian Code and regulatory requirements will over-rule).
* Adhere to the CTARP Code of Conduct.

Renewal requirements:
* Maintain currency of APAN Membership
* Evidence that the member has participated in post-graduate training within 24 months
* Evidence of attending at least one APAN conference per year.

Additional Members Benefits:
Special Membership Certificate
Industry Code of Ethics (Cosmetic Tattooing)
CTARP Code of Conduct
Transparent CTARP logo for business window or door
Included on APAN Website as preferred practitioners
Other benefits from time-to-time

Cost of CTARP Membership:
CTARP Membership $110

If you require further information please contact APAN on 07 55930360
If you are committed to high standards of educational excellence and best practice consider joining APAN and become a member of  CTARP and be recognised among Australia’s leading Cosmetic Tattoo Practitioners.