WORLD-RENOWNED as one of the leading masters in Collagen Induction Therapy, Dr Lance Setterfield has updated his online study course in line with his manual The Concise Guide to DERMAL NEEDLING: Revised and Expand Manual – Third Medical Edition.

The course is non-product aligned and covers the application of both rollers and pens. However, the knowledge you will gain will go far beyond the use of Micro-needling. It includes valuable information on how you can combine this “treatment” with a variety of other modalities to optimise results while avoiding complications.

If you do not have The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling – Third Medical Edition you will need to also purchase that.  The cost is $135 + freight. You can request one here.

Course Outcome
  • Expand the practitioner’s scope of practice by ensuring enhanced foundational knowledge accepted as standard practise in the industry
  • Enable clinicians to achieve and maintain the best result using this modality
  • Enable clinicians to grow their business substantially through the introduction of micro-needling services as the foundation for all other cosmetic treatments
  • Determine the appropriate skincare products to use (which ingredients to use and which to avoid)
  • Determine which device to use and what needle depth for the desired outcome
  • Determine if the inflammatory response should be provoked and sustained
  • Gain the skills and knowledge on how to combine micro-needling with other modalities for optimising results
  • Gain the knowledge on how to avoid complications
Who is this course for?

Medical professionals and non-medical professionals, (clinicians and practitioners who are performing or overseeing micro-needling procedures).

Course Details
  • 60 days
  • 9 Units
  • 10 CPD Points
  • A$699
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  • This course is brought to you by
    Dr Lance Setterfield.