About ClinicalPro
ClinicalPRO has helped improve the skin quality and general wellbeing of thousands of Australians. Continued testing has allowed us to create an offering of salon and clinical care that’s unrivalled in this country.
This is an exciting chance for your business to expand its product range with a proven industry leader, increase your sales revenue and generate improved customer satisfaction.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to provide you with the Knowledge, Training and Tools required, so you have the power to prosper as Your Success Is Our Priority!
ClinicalPRO’s extensive skin care range is made using only the finest natural ingredients, created to combat the signs of ageing, sun damage and other skin issues.
Give your customers the radiant results they deserve; our various nutrient-rich cleansers, exfoliants, crèmes, serums and lotions will help keep every skin type moisturised, smooth and youthful.
ClinicalPRO is committed to improving the lives of Australians, inside and out. Our health care products will offer your customers more than simple surface solutions – they will help improve their quality of life.
Our state-of-the-art technology for skin care, shaping and injury treatment offers people home health solutions, the range is designed to assist the human body tone, recover and maintain.
As well as our personal range of skin and health care, ClinicalPRO also offers progressive salon and clinical equipment designed for private and commercial use.
This technology is hand-picked on proven results and harnesses laser, ipl, ultrasound, radio frequency and microdermabrasion capabilities. Our equipment provides smart, cost-effective treatments for rejuvenation, acne, fat reduction and the removal of hair, tattoos and lesions.
Cupron fabric integration harnesses the beneficial properties of copper to create anti-ageing, odour reducing products. ClinicalPRO is the exclusive distributor of these breakthrough items in Australia.
Choosing Cupron provides your business with an exciting opportunity to give your customers a product unobtainable elsewhere, helping you to create a point of difference from your competitors.

Headquarters: ClinicalPRO Building 2/10 Valente Close Chermside QLD, Australia
07 3350 6898
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