CEO’s Heart 2 Heart REPORT


It’s good to have money and the things money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things money can’t buy.

George Horace Lormier

Dear Colleagues and Friends

As we are coming to the close of another year I want to leave you with a very simple yet profound thought — even engines need a break! This is not someone else’s thought, but my own.

There is a time to work with purpose towards your goals, to persevere and remain determined and focused against all obstacles, but there also comes a time when you need to put your tools down and just go home and rest, for if you don’t, you will burn out.

I trust that after a busy pre-Christmas period you can afford to take a few days to have a break and be with the people you also value in your private life. Life is not just about work – it’s equally about balance – living and taking time out to dream. Rest and change is an important part of recovery. You have worked hard and you are still standing where others have not survived – that in itself is an achievement. But having gone through all that, you need to give yourself a little time towards your own rejuvenation as this is also important.

Remember that your success in the year ahead will also hinge on what you determine in your heart to do. I often consult with people who keep pushing hard at things they are not good at or hate, only doing them out of obligation. While in any small business we have to multi-task, it is also important that we understand that if we want to experience longevity in our profession and our businesses we need to put most of our energy towards engaging in what expresses us best and what we have passion for, because our efforts in that direction will make excelling much easier and the process much more fun, enjoyable and fulfilling.

I often tell people to hold on to what is individual about them – not to allow their ambition for success to cause them to try to imitate the success of others. You’ve got to find it on your own terms.


I am pleased to report that I was invited to speak at the recent National Laser and Cosmetic Medicine Conference and was delighted to meet some passionate and dedicated professionals as well as personally attend the full lecture program for Sunday. APAN has a strong collaborative relationship with several medical societies as part of our mission is to create dialogue and respect for our members as knowledgeable professionals.

APAN’s objective is all about opening up opportunities for a smooth integration of aesthetics and medicine for both the benefit of a more professional industry and ultimately the respect of the end user for  our services and the benefits they will gain.

We have recently introduced two new membership classifications – Gold (Degree qualification) for professionals such as dermal therapists, nurses and naturopaths, as well as a new classification – Corporate Platinum (Medical) for doctors or medical clinics. We have chosen to do this because of industry demand. Doctors are reaching out to us to better understand how to navigate through the issues in establishing an aesthetic medical clinic, and dermal therapists are now needing a voice to represent them as well as career pathways. We believe by nurturing an alliance with doctors, will help them recognise our higher-qualified dermal and aesthetic therapists and engage them within their clinics.

APAN’s objective is all about opening up opportunities for a smooth integration of aesthetics and medicine for both the benefit of a more professional industry and ultimately the respect of the end user for our services and the benefits they will gain.


2013 is going to be a big year for us at APAN. We have heard what is important to you and have identified what you are struggling with, so in 2013 we are extending our conference program and raising it to a new level because we know that it is one of the most valuable tools that is helping you identify options and staying focused and strong in your profession, whether an employee or a business. Please prioritise to attend these events as a lot of work goes into staging them for your benefit.

Member benefits are constantly being added to the value of your membership and we anticipate that our strategic partners will double in 2013, giving you extra money-saving options and extra support to make your business journey more successful. We have recently negotiated a special arrangement with Members Plus to join us as strategic partners, and as part of APAN Membership you will now be able to access an incredible amount of savings for just about anything from your weekly shopping with, say, Woolworths or Coles to numerous other purchases from business, home and family items to amazing discounts with restaurants and entertainment.

If you are providing skin-therapy solutions please review and consider how you are going to implement simple protocols to bring the “inner beauty” issue into play within your services. Your point of difference from the many products out there is that you are using your professional skills to also address your client’s wellbeing – looking at ways to help minimise stress, detoxify and offload internal inflammation that ultimately accelerates internal ageing.

I was recently speaking with a colleague who takes meticulous care of her skin and her appearance and is highly dedicated to her clients, and she told me that a recent test with her healthcare professional indicated that internally her body had aged nine years just in the past 12 months. This can happen to all of us so we need to gain as much knowledge about how we can effectively use modalities, nutrition and nutrigenomics to support internal recovery and fight, or at the very least minimise the factors that contribute to premature ageing, not just for our clients, but also for our own benefit as practitioners.

We are seeing some amazing results with members who are partnering with naturopaths to bring the elements of inner health to their clients. This is not only welcomed by their clients, but also rewarding for the therapist, knowing that they are working with more than one “iron in the fire” so to speak for the benefit of their clients. Additionally, statistics are showing that businesses are growing because of this point of difference.

Wellness as part of aesthetics is no longer a choice, but a very relevant necessity that will help you offer better results and a much needed support structure to a stressed and constantly ailing population.

Our commitment to our members is to research and put forward to you valuable options of what is working and how you can move forward. Our business coaching and mentoring is also gaining momentum, as many of you are picking up the phone to us to ask for advice and help with strategies on how to resolve the issues you are encountering on a daily basis. Remember, with your membership you can access an expert at no extra charge. Our resources are numerous and if we can’t solve your problem we will direct you to someone who can. Our aim is to offer a cost-effective, quality, ethical service and expert advice that can provide you with a safety net and offer you tools to succeed.

If you are not currently a financial member of APAN perhaps you need to step up and take advantage of being part of our community of practice – it may be the best investment you make.

My best wishes to you for a Merry Christmas and the festive season and I look forward to engaging with you for an even more successful 2013.

Committed to your progress

Tina Viney
Chief Executive Officer

Please forward your communication to:
Tina Viney, APAN, PO Box 5448, Q Super Centre Q 4218