Sometimes gaining a deeper understanding of a word can give us greater clarity about a principle and how we can gain the most by applying it. In these articles we will explore life principles and look at ways to appreciate them better so that they can enrich our lives and accelerate our ability to succeed in life and business.

LET ME ask you a simple question – “if you want to really stand out as being the best therapist, having the best reputation and business, will you achieve this by doing things exactly the same as everyone else, or by doing something differently that will make you stand out rather than just blend with the crowd?”

The world is flooded with business gurus, each presenting their own unique formula of success.  They appeal to us by identifying our most pressing need or pain and offering to provide a solution.  While there is no doubt that we can learn something from each one of them, whether we succeed will primarily depend on whether we stay true to our unique point-of-difference and in many instances, this will require that we take the road less travelled. 

In this blog I want to encourage you in being the EXCEPTION in what you do and how you implement change.  I want to motivate you to refine your point-of-difference, and realise that you don’t necessarily need to be doing things exactly like everyone else and being part of the herd in order to succeed.

Several years ago, I read an amazing book that explored the concept of staying true to yourself. I loved the principles presented in this book, because I truly believe that our true genius will only shine if we operate from the essence of who we are.  The book was written by psychiatrist Dr M. Scott Peck and it was called The Road Less Travelled. Peck looks at ways of addressing our difficulties and suffering through changes in our thinking that can enable us to reach a higher level of self-understanding and appreciation. So why is this relevant hear, you may ask?  Because, one of the syndromes of our modern age is that in a bid to gain new skills, we often lose our true identity and why we chose this profession, or established our business in the first place. However, staying true to oneself is critical, if we are to shine and stand out in a world of high competition. 

No matter what strategies you take, don’t ever lose your “first love” and the ability to deliver your skills and talents expressed through your unique style, values, compassion and personality and the will to make a difference in this world.

In essence, while implementing new strategies make sure you protect “your heart” and never lose your passion and your identity.  Always, remember that in a personal services industry people come to you, not just for your skills, but also because they relate to your values and who you are as a person, what makes you, YOU.

Metaphorically speaking, someone who takes the road less travelled is acting independently, freeing themselves from the conformity of others (who choose to take the road more oftentravelled.).  This doesn’t mean that you will need do everything differently. It does mean that, while implementing changes to stay up-to-date, you remain and stay true to your ethos, values and hold on to your own identity in how you express those changes.

Why is this important?  If changes require that you change so radically that you can no longer relate to who you are becoming, this will lead to a feeling of loss and disorientation and your heart will no longer connect to what you are doing. This is also a common reason why some businesses are failing.  They are going through the motions, but they are no longer fully engaged. And sometimes, this is how a vision can be lost.

So, in a world of conformity and group thinking, I challenge you to not lose sight of who you are and why you entered this industry in the first place.  Keeping a balanced perspective will ultimately contribute to enjoying your journey towards growth and success.