John Fergusson was born in New Zealand and educated in Christchurch and in the USA. He holds qualifications in Nutrition with Donsbach University of Nutrition, Huntington Beach, California, USA and also holds several qualifications in business management and developmental theology. Since 1964 he has lived in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, making frequent visits to Europe and South-East Asia on business and leadership training assignments for a number of organisations.

John is an accomplished and highly respected teacher, author, public speaker, tactical planner, pioneer strategist, influencer, theologian and fellowship catalyst in business development. He is gifted in revealing ideas with inspiration and revelation and wrapping them in practical, everyday social and communal living conditions for the wellbeing and transformation of every human being.

He is the author/publisher of three books, one on Business and two on Life issues.

Throughout his career, he has held key management positions with several national and multinational organisations in the health or food sector where he has been involved as a key contributor to the strategic development, marketing and growth of these organisations on the global market.  Among his successes have been to see some organisations reaching over 50,000 active distributors/franchisees throughout Australia and New Zealand. John Fergusson is based in Sydney. He is currently the Director & CEO at B.A.C.U.P. the Future t/a Executive Coaching/Consulting Sydney. John’s leadership experience will be invaluable in assisting APAN in identifying growth opportunities.