About APJ

About APJ (Aesthetics Practitioners Journal) The launch of the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN) in May 2009 was met with great enthusiasm and support by the beauty industry — making it the fastest growing member-based organisation servicing salons, spas and medical aesthetic clinics.


With a strong network of over 12,000, APAN as an organisation is achieving rapid growth as a key member-based industry provider. Daily it networks globally and through relevant Australian Government and industry bodies retrieving valuable information on current changes, future forecasts and research developments that effect the aesthetic industry. Its industry intelligence allows members to access the best possible experts for assistance and recommendations.

On a daily basis (9am-5pm) members can reach an expert and gain comprehensive support and assistance to solve their problems through the extensive resources and the services of objective professional experts available to them. APAN’s senior advisor is highly qualified, has over 42 years of industry experience and is consider by the industry as one of the foremost experts in Australia. Additionally, with a strong network of legal, accounting, financial and industry experts APAN saves its members time and money, minimises stress, while offering credible solutions to their needs in a timely manner.


One of the key tools responsible for its success is APAN’s APJ Journal. Having just launched its 5th edition APJ is enjoy unprecedented success with incredible feedback from the industry praising its quality content as its competitive advantage. To view a copy on-line click here and on the cover you want.


With 20 years’ experience in professional beauty publications we understand the industry well. Further research has allowed us to identify ways to ensure the publication is well read and therefore your advertising is noticed. Here is why APJ advertisers are getting excellent results:

  • As this publication is linked to a new industry body, salons and clinics are interested in what is available to them through the organisation and for this reason APJ is read with interest. This information is confirmed to us from the feedback we receive.
  • APJ is intentionally only 100 pages giving your advertising a good ration exposure not possible with larger publications.
  • APJ goes to 6000 quality salons/clinics with a strong interest in education
  • APJ rotates its database every 2 issues to expose your information to new potential clients.
  • APJ has a different educational focus to other magazines it is meeting an industry need.

APJ will give your product excellent exposure at excellent competitive rates, but most importantly it will go into the right hands — to those who are making the decisions. Click here for a booking form and rates information.