About APAN


APAN is focusing on 15 KEY AREAS of strategic support and on-going information:

  1. MENTORING – Comprehensive consultation sessions with members
  2. BUSINESS STRUCTURES – Options on how to set up your business
  3. REGULATIONS – Government and Health regulations
  4. TAXATIONS – Accounting issues made easy
  5. CLIENTS – How to get, keep and grow your client base
  6. BUSINESS OPERATIONS – Policies and Procedures
  7. HUMAN RESOURCES – Staff Policies, wages, employment contracts
  8. SERVICES – Products, Equipment and External Contractors (what to look for)
  9. LIFE SKILLS – Personal development, managing stress, balanced living
  10. ON-GOING EDUCATION – Staff and business owners need to constantly update their knowledge and education
  11. EFFECTIVE NETWORKING – Exploring the most cost-effective methods
  12. BUSINESS BENEFITS – Getting the most from your tax deductions
  13. LEGAL ISSUES – Contracts
  15. INVESTMENTS – Getting the best return for your money
APAN’s Membership is open to aesthetic practitioners, doctors and nurses, beauty therapists, suppliers to the aesthetic industry, training establishments, students and service providers such as business coaches and other businesses supporting the aesthetics industry.

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Aesthetics Practitioners ADVISORY NETWORK
Developing dynamic alliances for the Aesthetics Industry

Why our services are in high demand

The beauty industry in Australia has several Associations that support the industry, but has lacked the services of an Advisory Network that will offer comprehensive expert services and real member benefits in a timely and flexible manner. AESTHETICS PRACTITIONERS ADVISORY NETWORK PTY LTD (APAN) extensive vision is to service the Aesthetics industry in new and better ways. We have heard your concerns and we are delivering a quality support structure that you are seeking — whether you are a Business Owner or a Employee.

As a result, the AESTHETICS PRACTITIONERS ADVISORY NETWORK (APAN) is Australia’s fastest growing member-based professional organisation in the aesthetic and beauty industry. APAN is committed and focussed on member-benefits – to providing a new level of personalised and diverse services to support your progress and development in your profession and your business.

APAN Membership is open to every industry category, with a choice of membership level depending of the level of support required.

Since its launch in May 2009 APAN has experienced incredible industry support and rapid growth, and feedback has confirmed that this is as a result of:

  • Constantly updating and Improving Real Member Benefits
  • Great Member Benefits for both Employees and Businesses
  • Quality, up-to-date objective information available to our members in a timely manner
  • Availability to the industry’s best experts 9am-5pm five days a week
  • Excellent and useful strategic alliance partners who can save Members money on a regular basis
  • A strong, positive and clear vision for the future
  • A strong website that is updated weekly with valuable information
  • No financial liability to our members. As a Pty Ltd we take full responsibility for our financial viability
  • The use of modern tools and methods with a focus on improving communications between stakeholders for business growth and a sustainable future.
  • External accountability through a National Advisory Council
  • In-depth mentoring services
  • Money saving DEFCOM Discount Purchasing Card
  • Regular Successful Regional Seminar and Trade events
  • World-class Educational Journal – APJ
  • And much, much more.

APAN maintains industry relevance through the various feedback mechanisms ensure it remains in touch with the changing needs of its members.

Daily it receives over 100 emails through its global connections and vast local and international networks and investigates global activities and consumer trends that affect our industry. It gathers valuable industry intelligence and through this knowledge it is able to identify opportunities and establish platforms of learning and better ways of serving and empowering the industry so that it can move forward with confidence in a timely manner.

The organisation has also appointed a NATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL that is responsible to offer recommendations and develop implementation models on a corporate level. The APAN NATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL consists of national and international leaders across various specialists’ fields of business, government and professional operations and carefully reviews in an objective manner APAN’s initiatives and activities.

Furthermore, in this current economic climate businesses need to explore new ways of growing their client base. APAN has an excellent networking system to support the aesthetic industry to become more skilful in the art of networking, whether they are suppliers or practitioners.

APAN’s vision is to break new ground and open communication and educational pathways that will support the credibility and advancement of aesthetics practices as a credible and valuable profession for the wellbeing of its consumers.

APAN achieves its mission by liasing and negotiating with key stakeholders and exploring stronger links with::

  • Government bodies for the continued development of relevant educational units within the Beauty Training Package.

  • Regulatory bodies for the appropriate licensing of certain modalities for their safe practice.

  • Universities to provide educational pathways that will incorporate the necessary units to empower aesthetics practitioners with higher learning so that they can bring a new level of credibility to the services they provide.

  • Post-Graduate Studies – Identify and profiling on-going education for the continued advancement and professional development of the aesthetics industry.

  • Liaise with the Media to profile the industry’s advancements and achievements.

  • Establish strong networking links both within the industry and with consumers that will support business growth.

For members of the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN) to be respected as true experts by the public and recognised as the most competent, progressive and professional aesthetics practitioners in the nation.


  • To develop strong networks on a foundation of integrity and trust
  • Define and promote ethical practises
  • Foster a culture of higher learning to elevate the profession
  • Encourage a commitment to excellence and innovation
  • Foster optimism and passion
  • Enrich lives through credible aesthetics and wellness solutions
  • Belief in people and bringing out the very best in them