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If you are looking for excellent membership based support to be rewarded, learn and grow in the broad area of general beauty through to clinical aesthetics than you have come to the right place.

The AESTHETICS PRACTITIONERS ADVISORY NETWORK PTY LTD (APAN) was established as the first member-based professional advisory network organisation dedicated exclusively to the service and growth of the professional aesthetic industry, through providing excellence in real Member Benefits.

APAN is a network organisation based on a modern, more flexible member-based model to provide members with a variety of real member benefits including mentoring, which is included as part of its membership services. Unlike Associations that determine your level of membership based on your qualifications, APAN allows employed practitioners and business owners alike to personally select the category of membership they want to belong to basis of the level of support they are seeking.

APAN welcomes both business owners and employees, with a deverse range of Member-benefits for each. With the sole focus of APAN in providing extensive member-benefits through a variety of means APANs structural flexiblity allows it to develop and change member-benefits to meet the ever changing needs of the vibrant Australian Beauty and Aesthetic Industry. The APAN Strategic Alliance Partners was formed to allow Businesses to partner with APAN to provide a benefit to APAN Members.

APAN uses modern tools and methods with a focus on improving communications between stakeholders for business growth and a sustainable future. Members receive weekly blogs and monthly newsletter that keep them informed of important changes that impact their profession as well as put them in touch with further educational opportunities and correspondence courses.

APAN are committed to staging regional seminars to allow the Aesthetic Professionals in the regional areas of Australia to have access to cutting edge professional education and businesses expertise. Furthermore, APAN provides cost-effective business resources and quality products at special members’ prices to help your business. APAN is committed member-benefits – to providing a new level of personalised and diverse services to support your progress and development in your profession and your business. Membership is open to every industry category, with a choice of membership level depending of the level of support required.

APAN has been a very successful model and so continues to be Australia’s fastest growing member-based organisation for Professionals in the Beauty and Aesthetic Industry

Ensuring credibility To ensure it remains relevant to the needs of the aesthetics industry and operate with the utmost integrity and credibility APAN has appointed an independent National Advisory Council consisting of government and business leaders who will review business initiatives and offer expert recommendations. This Council is also responsible to put forward implementation proposals to the APAN Management Board. Click here to see who is on our National Advisory Council.

APAN has introduced numerous networking strategies that will assist the aesthetic industry to become more skilful in the art of networking through the use of on-going education and new tools to help them grow and prosper. The organisation has started to impliment its huge vision that will continue to bring a new level of support to both employees and business owners through a cost-effective membership service.

To learn more about APAN and the 15 KEY Areas of Strategic support APAN are focusing on click on this link. I trust you will chose to join us and benefit from the support we can offer you.

To download an APAN Application Form to join please click here.


If you are a consumer please explore the various links on our website where you will find interesting articles that will help you gain a greater understanding on what the aesthetic industry has to offer. And if you would like APAN to refer a Practitioner of excellence to you then please contact us.

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Tina Viney – CEO Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network