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Effective Websites improve the bottom line

2769918_origInteractive Websites that stimulate intellecutal and pleasurable sensors are known to be much more effective in engaggin customers and consumers.

In general people seek pleasure and avoid pain and they need intellectual stimulation to avoid boredom.   They seek sensory stimulation and show negative effects under sensory depravation. Experiences resulting from stimulation that lead to pleasurable outcomes are what consumers and customers will come back for more of.

The key is to develop a balanced exeperience approach with these suggested aims:

1) Create a better brand experience for customers and consumers as their perceptions of a brand are highly dependent on impressions.

2) Expand brand experiences that will attract a wider audience and offer a better brand experience. This will result in consumer and customer willingness to engage the brand.

3) Fostering genuine relationships through experiences on your brands website will improve engagement.

4) Achieve immersion. Once engaged the opportunity for a consumer or customer to become immersed in the brand can be achieved and they will automatically want to share their experience with others. This is the last step in a four strategie process.

Step 1 is to create the experience.
Step 2 is to ensure the experience is positive and built on easy website interactive funcitons
Step 3 Provide the platform for engagement; for example a consumer is engaged on your site when they fill out a feedback form
Step 4 Adding value.  For example this can be achieved through recognition to a consumer and having a consumer rate a product or service which can be shared live.

These four steps can initiate the opportunity to expand and develop relationships with your consumers and customers.

The end result will be the added value achieved between the consumer, customer, the company and the brand.

The Key Performance Indictors should be aimed to drive the bottom line revenue. The mentioned four steps are aimed to improve bottom line and will be achieved once a consumer experience is pleasureable  as the more pleasure customers and consumers experience with your brand online the more they will revisit your site and want to share their experience.

For this process to be effective it must be supported by the brands initial vision and values.  An example of this is Disney.  The Disney brand consistently delivers the magical experience. If your brand value is to promote Care, then ensure your experience has an element of care.