Canberra New Horizons 2011

These NEW HORIZONS events are niche but dynamic and APAN intends to consistently build on their momentum and establish them as an educational and networking tradition where great things will happen for both suppliers and therapists as well as business owners and their staff.

Here is the report following our latest one in Canberra in September 2011.

Canberra NEW HORIZONS – A Great Success

Those who value education and understand the transformation it can offer will always find a way to prioritise and attend an event that promises quality education and information. There is something great that happens to us when after giving out so much to others we choose to enter an environment that will give something back to us, reignite our passion and open up new possibilities that can take us to new heights. And so those who chose to attend APAN’s NEW HORIZON’S Conference and Expo in Canberra on the 25th September will attest to the value of their investment and the benefit they gained on so many levels.

It was encouraging to see many travel several hours to take part at this event. Some from as far as Western Australia and Queensland came with expectations of gaining great information and becoming re-energised to continue on their professional and business journey.

APAN commenced these events last year, staging the first NEW HORIZONS at Hervey Bay in Queensland. This year Canberra was chosen because it is easily accessible for both the local and surrounding regional towns in NSW. These events are niche but dynamic and APAN intends to consistently build on their momentum and establish them as an educational and networking tradition where great things will happen for both suppliers and therapists as well as business owners and their staff. This year the charismatic Terry Everitt was MC, who as always did a fantastic job at creating a professional atmosphere with his classic touches of humour, which made everyone feel so much at home.

The program was stepped up with the first session being opened with Gay Wardle who spoke to a mesmerised audience on Salon Secrets for Success. Gay exudes passion, honesty and sincerity and everyone loves her depth of knowledge and the ease in which she makes even a complicated topic easy to understand. Gay spoke about how improving your knowledge on skin analysis can be used as a business building tool and allow you to constantly maintain appreciative clients and client growth.
Dr Dzung Price followed speaking on Weight Loss – The new boom and how you can benefit. Dr Price delivered a compelling presentation on some alarming statistics on what causes our body to retain weight and the hidden, underlying offenders that contribute to weight gain and disease. In her usual vibrant and positive style, which is very much her trademark, Dr Price helped navigate her audience to hope and positive solutions that can be immediately and easily implemented as part of a simple to follow wellness and weight loss program. Beyond Slim and Wellness Express are two new programs with specific protocols to help both salon owners and their clients optimise and regain their energy and vitality, as well as achieve successful and maintained weight loss if needed. This program will open up a new frontier for the aesthetics industry to provide their clients with an additional service that was launched for the first time at this event.

Tina Viney followed with her topic New Market Drivers that are changing the future of Aesthetics. Tina covered new technology in ingredients with specific emphasis on Probiotics, Hyaluronic acid and the move towards varying molecular weights as well as validated information on Peptides and their functionality within formulations. She also spoke briefly about the great need for scrutiny with organic products, urging therapists to investigate such issues as stability and the efficacy of their formulations before they undertake them within their salons. She further addressed the emergence of new technologies and their important and strategic role in achieving advanced treatment outcomes as well as the need of critically reviewing quality and manufacturing integrity and not just price when investing in equipment. Tina also spoke on APAN’s role in providing the industry with sound advice and solutions when it comes to products, equipment, business and professional needs. After lunch the long-awaited Industry Forum welcomed four dynamic presenters, Tess Walls, Tracey Collins, Gay Wardle and Katrina Gilligan (who took the place of Teresa Russo who was unable to join the group due to a family tragedy). Due to industry demand salon owners requested to hear from other salon and business owners on how they are overcoming obstacles and challenges with staff performance and business growth. Each speaker was able to share candidly from their experience on how they overcame their own challenges and turned difficult situations around to achieve success. Their heartfelt and honest information was greatly appreciated by all who attended, and at the end of this presentation delegates had the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

The two afternoon speakers were Sandy Sanderson, who spoke on the benefits of Transdermal Magnesium for the Skin and Body, and Professor Ray Hayek, who addressed delegates on the Need and Urgency of Higher Education.

Professor Hayek addressed the issue of professionals finding their information progressively inadequate in appropriately meeting the changing needs of their industry and being able to accommodate changes entering their sector. He stated that this was not only a problem for the aesthetics industry, but one that is now faced by many industries. New technologies are advancing so fast that often professionals are struggling to keep up with progress. He stressed his concern about the beauty industry being unregulated and opening itself up to unscrupulous operators that can bring the industry into disrepute. He also presented the dangers of the industry being overridden by other professional groups who can exploit this situation and secure modalities for their use only. He stressed the importance for the industry to develop a Code of Conduct and Industry Standards to protect the industry’s reputation, as well as the value and importance of formal higher education in allowing the industry to secure its future.

Sandy Sanderson then followed and spoke on Magnesium as an important mineral that performs over 350 functions in the body. She also addressed the effectiveness of transdermal magnesium as the prefered mechanism for its delivery into the body, and the easy ways that this can be achieved for better health and vitality as well as skin improvement. She spoke on how magnesium can help improve treatment results in the salon and the wonderful way it can be used through spritzers and the recent new TGA approved body butter that now allows salons to introduce a Magnesium Massage for a total wellness experience.

The event was further supported by several distribution companies that contributed to the success of the event and brought valuable networking and business opportunities for the benefit of all.

APAN would like to take this opportunity to thank all the suppliers and distributors who supported this event and also thank Terry Everitt and the fantastic speakers who gave of their time and knowledge to create an excellent educational program for the industry. Last, but not least a sincere thank you to the delegates who made the time to come. After all, the event was staged for your benefit and growth and our reward is to see this happen.
For all who attended and those who would like to hear these lectures the series of DVDs are now available for purchase in an attractively boxed set. You can purchase the complete set for $166 .
The date for the next NEW HORIZONS event has been set for May 27th 2012 in Townsville, Queensland. We anticipate even greater things at this event in 2012.

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