APAN Regional Event Seminar – What you need to know about GenYs

At APAN we have always been committed to providing quality education to regional areas across Australia. As our Australian Conferences have been confined to major capital cities over the past few years we are looking at other ways to provide this service. So in February of 2016 we are trialing APAN Regional Events in Adelaide and Darwin. If they are successful then we will plan more similar events elsewhere.
APAN Regional Event Seminar – What you need to know about GenYs
  • Adelaide – Sunday 7 February 2016 at the Ibis Hotel Adelaide – 122 Grenfell St, Adelaide, from 1pm to 5pm. The event includes afternoon tea
  • Darwin – Monday 8 February 2016 at the Novotel Darwin Atrium Hotel – 100 Esplanade, Darwin City, from 4pm to 8pm.The event includes a light supper along with coffee and tea
  • $99 APAN member | $121 non-members

Many businesses that are predominantly run by Baby Boomers are struggling to come to terms with differences in mindset between them and the YGens, whether they are clients or staff. The truth is YGens have a different view on respect and authority and respond differently to leadership. This can sometimes frustrate Baby Boomers and can often lead to conflict and a great deal of stress. While Baby Boomers are high in numbers they are heading for retirement. This means that Y and X Gens are the future for both employment and business growth, so identifying how to engage with them is critical to any business. Mark Viney is a qualified and experienced teacher and also holds qualification in new technologies. This seminar aims to give you a better understanding of how YGens think, their strengths and how to effectively communicate with them for better business operations and client engagement and retention.

This seminar has been developed and extended from two highly successful lectures which got amazing feedback when presented in May in Brisbane and October in Melbourne. Because of high demand from many who heard about it we have decided to take it on the road for our regional areas. If you are hiring staff that are in the GenY age group or wanting to expanded your client base into this generation then this seminar event is a must for you. Mark Viney will uncover the unique mentality of this age group and show you how to communicate with them to achieve success in their performance that will meet with your expectations.

Many employers come from the Baby Boomer generation with a totally different mindset of things are down and how they approach work and achievement. Mark Viney is a qualified teacher and is renowned for his ability to take complex subjects and communicate them in an easy way to understand. Whether you wish to improve your working relationship for your GenY’s or wish to capture them as clients this lecture will give you the strategies of how to do it successfully
At this seminar you will learn:

  • Understanding the YGen mentality and mindset
  • Effective strategies in addressing YGen requirements
  • Understanding how YGen find businesses
  • Understanding how GenYs learn and find information
  • Practical areas you need to engage in and master
CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE ADELAIDE EVENT | Sunday 7 February 2016 | Ibis Hotel Adelaide 122 Grenfell St Adelaide | 1pm to 5pm
CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE DARWIN EVENT | Monday 8 February 2016 | Novotel Darwin Atrium 100 Esplanade Darwin | 4pm to 8pm