APAN|THINK PINK Terms for Participation


Please review the following Terms and Conditions and if you are happy to abide with them click on the link at the bottom of this page and fill in the online Application Form to participation in this project.

1. WORDING: As part of our legal obligation with the THINK PINK FOUNDATION we are required to ensure that any statement made about this project abides by their legal requirements. Templates, wording and a logo will be provide upon registration. You will be required to only use the supplied terminology when referring to the SKIN AND WELLNESS MONTH in your promotion. This will allow us to maintain a uniform message and to ensure that no statements are made that may violate any legal guidelines when referring to Think Pink Foundation. Any promotional information that you present on your behalf will NOT be restricted by these guidelines.

2. SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS WITH YOUR OWN IN-HOUSE PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES: APAN will commit to establishing a nation-wide marketing and advertising campaign. There will be extensive work and costs associated with this project. As a participant you will also be required to establish your own program of promotions and specials for the month of October as well as communicate these through your own database to ensure the success of the project. We will assist you in this and as part of your APAN/THINK PINK SKIN AND WELLNESS MONTH KIT you will also receive several promotional ideas to get you started.

3. ENSURE YOU ENGAGE YOUR STAFF IN THE PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY AS A TEAM EFFORT: If you have staff you will need to engage them to actively participate with your promotional activities.

4. SET YOUR OWN FINANCIAL TARGETS: You will need to set your own fundraising targets and identify the category of donation you will be prepared to contribute. You will be given several options to choose from. This is because without goals it is difficult to identify what you want to achieve. We are not expecting an exact amount to which we will hold you accountable, we just want to know that you have a goal.

If you are happy to abide with these basic guidelines please complete this form to apply. Apply_button